Eat Happy: 30-minute Feelgood Food

Eat Happy: 30-minute Feelgood Food

von: Melissa Hemsley

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"I adore Melissa and her food. This is carefree, quick cooking with a sense of fun, and just happens to be good for you.” ANNA JONES "I'm a huge fan and love how Melissa champions the message that good healthy food needn't be complicated, scary or time consuming. This beautiful new book is packed with dreamy recipes.” FEARNE COTTON"Don't think I've ever met anyone with such a passion, love and joy for food. She's amazing!” GIOVANNA FLETCHER Delicious quick and easy meals with a Hemsley twist. Bestselling home cook and co-author of The Art of Eating Well and Good + Simple, Melissa Hemsley of Hemsley + Hemsley, presents flavourful and veg-packed dishes.Featuring supermarket ingredients, simple methods, and tips and tricks to make no-fuss great food, Eat Happy is designed to see you through the whole week - tempting breakfasts to family dinners and lunches, as well as party food, snacks, baking, desserts, drinks, and simple, healthier versions of takeaway favourites. Comfort and indulgence are at the heart of Melissa healthy food, with plenty of ideas for everyday meals, batch cooking, cutting down on kitchen waste, and dishes that can be enjoyed for supper and leftovers for a packed lunch. Amongst the 120 brand-new recipes are, Breaded Chicken Katsu Curry, Sesame Salmon with Miso Veg Traybake, Roast Carrots with Pomegranate Molasses and Pistachios, Coconut Chocolate Clusters and Ginger Fruit Loaf. These are delicious alternatives and satisfying treats that encourage even the most time-poor cook to take pleasure in healthy fast food that puts taste first.
1: Introduction2: Making it work for you3: Cooking notes4: Time-saving tips for 30-minute meals1: Breakfast & brunch1: Quinoa power porridge2: ‘apple pie’ buckwheat porridge3: quick quinoa bread4: easy granola5: smoked mackerel pate6: spinach & smoked trout muffins7: pizza omelette8: Turkish scrambled eggs9: Indian-spiced cabbage scramble10: Harissa greens with eggs & feta11: Fried eggs, avocado & smoky bean tacos12: Smocked mackerel & jalapeno salsa tacos13: Spiced beans & halloumi14: NYC-style big blinis15: Birthday breakfast2: Bowl Food1: Monday miso noodle soup2: Greek red lentils3: French lentil stew with gremolata4: Big-batch dahl with coriander yoghurt5: Lentil & bean chilli with guacamole6: Chunky tagine-style stew7: Lime & avocado gazpacho8: Creamy watercress, pea & mint soup9: Ginger miso sunshine soup10: Tuscan bean soup with Parmesan bites11: Family-favourite sausage stew12: Spanish chickpea & almond stew13: Easy ratatouille14: Sweet potato & cauliflower curry15: Courgette risotto with a pesto swirl16: Malaysian noodle soup17: Coconut mushroom & chicken soup18: Waste not, want not bowl3: Meat1: One-pan pesto chicken with summer vegetables2: Parmesan chicken goujons with avocado ranch dip3: Italian chicken stew4: Fajita party5: Easy chicken & tomato curry6: Chicken katsu curry7: Za’atar chicken tray bake with lemon herb drizzle8: Korean chicken with sesame sprinkle9: Asian turkey & carrot burgers in lettuce cups10: Hoisin duck pancakes11: Beef & carrot koftas with chopped salad12: Spiced lamb in baked aubergine boats13: Spiced lamb chops with mint oil14: Sausage & kale tray bake with mustard drizzle15: Filipino-style steak & onions16: Mamma mia meatballs4: Fish1: Japanese fish with wasabi pea dip2: Thai cauliflower fried rice with prawns3: Baked hake with jalapeno salsa4: Ginger fish burgers5: Sardine fishcakes with pea & rocket salad6: Grilled mullet with Greek salad7: Garlic tapas prawns8: Kerala turmeric fish curry9: Five-spice sea bass10: Fish en papillote11: Harissa fish with herby cauliflower couscous12: Sesame salmon & miso tray bake13: Spicy salmon teriyaki14: Grilled mackerel with tamarind ginger greens5: Vegetable mains1: Pad Thai noodles2: Spicy nutty noodles with fried eggs3: Singapore noodles4: Chinese fried quinoa with spicy garlic sesame oil5: Thai green vegetable curry6: Turkish wraps with spinach & feta7: Warm celeriac salad Nicoise8: Broccoli falafels with tahini lemon drizzle9: Mexican bean burgers10: Veggie cottage pie with cauliflower mash11: Spiced halloumi & chickpeas with black quinoa tabbouleh12: Buckwheat pizza13: Squash rice Spanish style14: Mushroom bourgignon with butternut squash6: Salads1: Watermelon, feta & griddled avocado with olive dressing2: Sesame carrot & courgette noodle salad/stir-fry3: Freestyle quinoa salad4: Refreshing ginger noodle & seaweed salad5: Za’atar salad6: Herb & pak choi salad7: Caprese salad with figs8: California-style kale salad with avocado dressing9: Best mixed side salad10: Salsa salad11: Slaw in seconds12: Hot-smoked trout with a beetroot fennel salad & scandi-style dressing13: BLT salad with asparagus14: Spicy Thai beef salad15: Lentil salad with garlic yoghurt dressing7: Sides1: Roast carrots with pomegranate molasses2: Chickpea wraps with za’atar3: Buckwheat naans with garlic butter4: Basil & lemon quinoa5: Kung pao green beans6: Heavenly halloumi salad with carrot top pesto7: Roast cauliflower with Vietnamese dressing8: Butter bean mash9: Brussels sprouts with Stilton & cranberries10: Ginger, garlic pack choi & mushrooms11: Quickly pickled veg12: Carrot fritters13: Killer kale14: Broccoli & beans with garlic & anchovies15: Roast vegetable tray bake16: Butternut squash fries & spiced ketchup8: Snacks, dips & drinks1: Chickpea crackers2: Roasted & spiced carrot hummus3: Broccoli, pea & feta dip4: Olive & black bean tapenade5: Cheeky tzatziki6: Buckwheat blinis with spiced feta7: Mug of miso egg broth8: Scoth eggs9: Bombay spice mix9: Sweets1: Happiness balls2: Choc chip cookies3: Soft serve banana ‘ice cream’4: Banoffee pie in a glass5: Chocolate chickpea squares6: Chocolate coconut clusters7: Little chocolate pots8: Ginger fruit & Nut muffins9: Roasted fruit with cardamom & ginger yoghurt10: Apple & blackberry crumble11: Lemon & lime drizzle cupcakes12: Any time blueberry bake13: Celebration cake10: Drinks1: Green go-getter smoothie2: Just green enough juice3: Bananarama smoothie4: Mint hot choccy or mint choc shake5: Turbo turmeric lime tea (hot or iced)6: Mint tea with ginger & lemongrass (hot or iced)7: Grapefruit & cucumber gin fizz8: Vodka & blackberry mint sparkler11: Store cupboard12: Fridge & freezer13: Equipment14: Kitchen swaps & saves15: Leftovers & making something out of nothing Basics
Eat Happy is packed with 120 quick and easy recipes that can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less.
Melissa Hemsley is committed to quick and easy healthy food that everyone can enjoy. Melissa is one of the sisters in Hemsley + Hemsley, the bestselling authors of The Art of Eating WellandGood + Simplewith their own caféat Selfridges, London.

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