Schickedanz, Stefan: Boys & Toys. Vol. 2: Racer on the rocks, Hamburg, ACABUS Verlag 2009

Published by Acabus Verlag, Hamburg, Germany

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Cover: Stefan Schickedanz

ISBN: 978-3-941404-17-5

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"Boys & Toys" is a special edition with excerpts from the book "Männerspielsachen. Von Aggregaten, Arbanduhren und Actionsport", published by Acabus Verlag, 2008.

Schickedanz, Stefan; Männerspielsachen. Von Aggregaten, Armbanduhren und Actionsport:
Book-ISBN: 978-3-941404-46-5
E-Book-ISBN: 978-3-8366-1746-8

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Racer on the rocks

There are few who can’t get be fast enough – except when it comes to sex or food. The author is one of those people. Examples? When he first drove on the famous Belgian racetrack of Spa Francochanps in an 300 hp sports car, he couldn’t prevent himself from taking pictures of the instructor in the pace car in front of him, because he felt he was going too slow. As he was hired to review the car audio system of the BMW M5, he took the chance to break the 200 mph barrier after noticing the car’s electronic speed limiter was deactivated. No need to freak out when he held a video camera in his hand as he skied through the half pipe for the first time.