Strategic Innovative Marketing

Strategic Innovative Marketing

5th IC-SIM, Athens, Greece 2016
Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics

von: Androniki Kavoura, Damianos P. Sakas, Petros Tomaras

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This proceedings volume presents the latest on the theoretical approach of the contemporary issues evolved in strategic marketing and the integration of theory and practice. It highlights strategic research and innovative activities in marketing. The contributed chapters are concerned with using modern qualitative and quantitative techniques based on information technology used to manage and analyze business data, to discover hidden knowledge and to introduce intelligence into marketing processes. This allows for a focus on innovative applications in all aspects of marketing, of computerized technologies related to data analytics, predictive analytics and modeling, business intelligence and knowledge engineering, in order to demonstrate new ways of uncovering hidden knowledge and supporting marketing decisions with evidence-based intelligent tools. The chapters from the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing 2016 cover areas such as social media marketing innovation, sustainable marketing, customer satisfaction strategies, customer relationship management, marketing research and analytics. The papers have been written by scientists, researchers, practitioners and students that demonstrate a special orientation in strategic marketing, all of whom aspire to be ahead of the curve based on the pillars of innovation. This proceedings volume shares their recent contributions to the field and showcases their exchange of insights on strategic issues in the science of innovation marketing.
Sakas TOC.- Preface: 5th International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing (IC-SIM 2016).- Part I: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competence in Higher Education.- Transversal Competences as a Medium of Teaching. The case of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.- Using Data Sources, Tools and Applications During Data Mining in Marketing Management of Higher Education.- Integration of the Theory and Practice in Continuity with the Development of Key Competencies - One of the Necessary Areas of Solutions for the Czech University Education.- Part II: New Ways of Marketing Analytics.- Social media analytics empowering customer experience insight.- Emotion-Gauge: Analyzing affective experiences in B2B customer journeys.- Customer perceived value – a key in marketing of integrated solutions.- Reliability and perceived value of sentiment analysis for Twitter data.- Part III: Development and Marketing Strategies in Innovative Technological Enterprises.- Measuring the impact of burnout on job satisfaction and organizational commitment.- The relationship between subordinates and supervisors and the impact on job satisfaction and efficiency of the employees.- Part IV: 6th Symposium on Management Challenges (IANOS): Crisis Kills or Links?.- The role of organisational culture in the Greek higher tourism quality.- Integrating Total Quality Management philosophy in the Greek Tourism sector.- The role of organizational culture in Greek higher education quality.- Integrating Total Quality Management philosophy in Greek higher educational institutions.- Relationship between Supervisor’s Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership in Hotel Organizations.- Dynamic Combination of Automatic Forecasts for Corporate Budgeting.- Financial Text Mining in Tweeterland.- Part V: 2nd Symposium on Business Modelling.- Stuffing Keyword Regulation in Search Engine Optimization for Scientific Marketing Conferences.- Communicating Strategically for Improving Team Effectiveness in ICTs Organizations.- Part VI: 2nd Symposium on Healthcare Services: Special aspects and Challenges in an Evolving Environment.- Improve the effectiveness of the provided healthcare services and the efficiency of a Public Hospital, in the light of a Manager.- The Use of Information System at public hospital pharmacies in Greece: Myths and Reality.- Organization style and its effect on employee satisfaction and personal performance.- A prospective evaluation of health-related quality of life of cancer patients receiving day and home care services in Greece.- The role of local government in the provision of social services in the third age. Case study: the municipality of Volos.- Part VII: Marketing communications in online communities.- Pharmaceutical marketing STAR.- Comparison shopping websites and their impact on consumers’ purchase intention.- Part VIII: The Role Of Branding For Companies & Countries.- Influence of Marketing Communication Tools on Brand Building in the Context of Marketing Management and Corporate Prosperity.- Current Perception of a Brand in Czech Consumers’ Mind.- Generation Z and religion in times of crisis.- Consumer-brand relationship development process in the context of online booking services: The role of cognitive and affective drivers.- Fashion brands, social media and consumers’ exposure to marketing messages.- A report on museum branding literature.- “Greek Breakfast”: A new tourism brand name for an age-long gastronomy tradition.- Part IX: User Generated Content and Marketing.- Cliff diving in virtual communities.- Attitude towards change: factors affecting hospital managerial employees’ resistance to change.- Part X: Innovations on shipping management and marketing.- Are Greek-tanker operators aware of IMO’s Sustainable Maritime Transportation System and willing to follow its goals and actions?.- Strategies in ‘shipping business management’.- How do Dry Bulk Freight Levels affect Minor Dry Commodity Trade and Shipping Marketing during Economic Recession Periods?.- The Process of employing Greek Ship Officers onboard Greek Ships A Proposal for a New Recruiting Tool.- Evolution of Logistics Centers and Value-Added Services offered in Port Areas & the Importance of Marketing.- The Role of Marketing in the Shipping Industry in Case of Accidents.- The Commercial and Economic Effects of Fuel Additives in the Maritime Industry in a Heavily Environmentally Regulated Market..- Part XI: 2nd Symposium on Business Informatics and Modelling.- Software Protection and Piracy focusing on the 2008 Crisis: A comparative study and simulation modeling regarding the case of Greece, Germany and England.- Decision Support Systems and Strategic Information Systems Planning for Strategy Implementation.- Modeling and Simulation of Promotion Procedures for IT companies through Facebook.- Modeling and simulation for the development of innovative ideas for video games in smartphones.- Mobile Commerce and success factors. Simulation and modeling of the problem.- The simulation model of supply chains on the macroeconomic level is the tool to control the economic development of the region.- Calculating Handling of Business Resources for Establishing a Successful Information’s Technology Project..- Calculating Handling of Company Resources for Establishing an Effective Project Team.- Businesses: The association between their export performance and information and communication technology adoption.- Modeling the process of a web-based collaboration tool development.- Comparing Scrum and XP Agile Methodologies using Dynamic Simulation Modeling.- The development of new ideas for IT products, through social media.- Multicriteria Assessment of Alternative Policy Scenarios for Achieving EU RES Target by 2030.- Mechanisms of Management Process Improvement of an Educational Institution.- Part XII: 6th Symposium on Integrated Information.- The Cooperative Role of Marketer and Programmer on SEO Strategies in Scientific Journals.- Implementation and Dynamic Simulation Modeling of Search Engine Optimization Processes. Improvement of Website Ranking..- Instagram Company Page Creation Modeling and Simulation.- Two Years on - Developing Metrics for Crowdsourcing with Digital Collections.- Ethics and medical research.- Is the Market Value of Software Vendors affected by Software Vulnerability Announcements?.- Conceptual search algorithms for FDB databases.- Blocking for Entity Resolution in the Web of Data: Challenges and Algorithms.- Analysis of GWAP collected tags in the description of heritage materials.- Selective Monitoring of the Safety of Railway Buildings.- Group Recommendations in MapReduce.- APANTISIS: A Greek Question-Answering System for Knowledge-Base Exploration.- News Articles Platform: Semantic Tools and Services for Ag-gregating and Exploring News Articles.- Data Mining of World Bank Indicators
Dr. Androniki Kavoura is an Associate Professor and Head, Department of Marketing, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece. She completed her MSc in Media Management, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK and her PhD on Communication and Culture, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. She has participated on research projects and her research interests include qualitative communication research methodologies, branding, advertising, tourism and culture. Her published work is associated with the role of communication in the marketing and advertising of services, cities, regions with the use of social media and other electronic means. She is member of the Editorial Board of many journals in communication, advertising, business and marketing.Dr. Damianos P. Sakas is a member of the educational personnel of the University of Peloponnese. In the past, he has served in the Communications office of the Prime Minister of Greece, and he was responsible for part of the mass media-related communications policy. He has academic background and previous experience in SA Companies, in relation to the Administration of Enterprises. He held a position in oligopoly as well as in large international companies, always as a Decision Maker. His career experience in management matters, combined with his academic background, helped him to acquire experience which he tries to transform into scientific research. His research interests are Strategic Negotiation, Business Communication, Strategic and Management, Dynamic Simulation Models, Computational Methods.

Dr. Petros Tomaras is a full Professor of Marketing in the Marketing Department at Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens Greece and a member of the Council TEI of Athens. He has academic and professional background and previous experience in Business and Organizations of the public sector. He is the author of four Marketing books and coauthor in two more. His main research interests are in the fields of the Marketing and Marketing Research. His articles have appeared in Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences - Elsevier, in Journal of Business Ethics, in many International Conferences in Marketing and in many Greek Scientific Journals.

Presents cutting edge and rigorously developed papers on strategic issues in the science of innovation marketing

Focuses on the theoretical approach of the contemporary issues evolved in strategic marketing and the integration of theory and practice

Contributions are written by scientists, researchers, and practitioners, with a special orientation in strategic marketing

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