The Harry Harrison Archive

The Harry Harrison Archive

von: Harry Harrison

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Verlag: Aeterna Classics
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Veröffentl.: 28.06.2018
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The immortal master of science fiction, Harry Harrison! A MUST-read for any and every sci-fi fan!
The Harry Harrison Archive features the following tales:
Navy Day
The Velvet Glove
The Repairman
Arm of the Law
The Misplaced Battleship
The K-Factor
Toy Story
Planet of the Damned
Deathworld 2 (The Ethical Engineer)
"Harrison was an extremely popular figure in the SF world, renowned for being amiable, outspoken and endlessly amusing. His quickfire, machine-gun delivery of words was a delight to hear, and a reward to unravel: he was funny and self-aware, he enjoyed reporting the follies of others, he distrusted generals, prime ministers and tax officials with sardonic and cruel wit, and above all he made plain his acute intelligence and astonishing range of moral, ethical and literary sensibilities." - Christopher Priest

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