Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies

Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies

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von: Jeff Strong

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 04.09.2014
ISBN/EAN: 9781118967683
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Save studio fees with pro-quality recording at home Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies offers simple explanations on how to record music in a home studio, no matter your style, method, or sound. With expert guidance every step of the way, you'll find the answers to your questions about choosing equipment, recording tracks, editing, mixing, mastering, and more. Updated to reflect the latest home recording technology, this new edition addresses styles from live bands to electronica with easy navigation to the information you need most. Beginners will find straightforward instruction on the fundamentals, while more experienced home recording engineers will appreciate insight to the tricks the pros use. With home recording gear increasingly approaching professional quality, the home studio is no longer the domain of the DIY-or-die. Even professional musicians are saving studio fees by recording at home, and today's plug-and-play technology makes high-quality sound accessible to those with a more amateur level of experience and budget. Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies gives you the information you need to set up your studio and use it like a pro: Choose the right gear for the job, and set up for quality sound Learn the fundamentals of recording, from choosing a mic to working with a mixer Master MIDI, multitrack recording, and audio capture for optimum sourcing Edit, mix, and master your tracks, and add effects to enhance your sound Don't let poor audio quality distract from your music. Find out what tools you need, how to use them, and how to follow the time-tested steps of making a record. You spend valuable time developing your talent, skills, and sound, so take a minute to learn how to make your music shine with the expert advice and easy-to-follow instruction in Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies.
Introduction  1 Part I: Getting Started with Home Recording  5 Chapter 1: Understanding Home Recording 7 Chapter 2: Getting the Right Gear  17 Chapter 3: Getting Connected: Setting Up Your Studio  49 Part II: Recording 101  79 Chapter 4: Meet the Mixer  81 Chapter 5: MIDI and Electronic Instruments  97 Chapter 6: Understanding Microphones 111 Part III: Getting Ready to Record 137 Chapter 7: Getting a Great Source Sound  139 Chapter 8: Taking a Look at Microphone Techniques  153 Chapter 9: Miking Your Instruments  167 Part IV: Laying Track: Starting to Record  191 Chapter 10: Multitrack Recording 193 Chapter 11: Recording Audio  203 Chapter 12: Recording and Editing MIDI Data  211 Part V: Turning Your Tracks into a Finished Song  227 Chapter 13: Editing Your Performance  229 Chapter 14: Mixing Your Music  249 Chapter 15: Dialing In Signal Processors  277 Chapter 16: Mastering Your Music  301 Chapter 17: Creating Your Finished Product  315 Part VI: The Part of Tens  333 Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) Ways to Distribute and Promote Your Music  335 Chapter 19: Ten Invaluable Recording Tips  349 Index  355
Jeff Strong is co-founder and creative director of, a streaming music site that lets you mix music to improve focus and enhance cognitive abilities. He is also author of Pro Tools All-in-One For Dummies and Drums For Dummies.
Learn to: Record with a PC, studio-in-a-box, or tablet Create recordings for demos or commercial releases Capture sounds from guitars, drums, piano, horns, and vocals Edit tracks and mix, master, and distribute your songs Save studio fees with pro-quality music recording at home The home studio is no longer the domain of only the most tech-savvy musicians. Today’s technology makes it easy for anyone to capture high-quality recordings in their basement or bedroom. Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies offers simple steps for setting up a home studio and making recordings you’ll be proud to share with the world. Gear up to record — discover the gear you’ll need to set up a home recording studio, explore the many types of digital recording systems available, and set up a killer arrangement that works for you Get set to make music — find guidance on setting the best levels for all your instruments with suggestions for miking live instruments or recording electronic sounds Start recording — dig into the meat of recording music with plain-English explanations of multitrack recording, doing overdubs and replacing missed notes, tweaking sounds, and more Add the finishing touches — take your individual tracks and blend them together to create a perfect finished song Market your music — design your own website, maximize social media, and sell or stream your music online Open the book and find: Advice on choosing the best home recording studio equipment The latest in mobile and tablet options for home recording Everything you need to know about digital and analog connections How to mike your instruments to get a great sound The lowdown on digitally editing, mixing, and mastering your music Advice on distributing and promoting your music Top recording tips

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