Hentai Jones

Naughty Campers

Three young Girl Scouts love it to get in Trouble!

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Naughty Campers



Naughty Campers

written by Hentai Jones

BookRix Edition 2017

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Hentai Jones:



Three young Girl Scouts

love it to get in Trouble!



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1 - The Camping Trip


The Camping Trip


»Come on, Madeleine!«, Sophie said to me, »don't be such a coward! We're just doing a bit of camping in the woods and if we find some boys we will catch them!« Then she took a deep breath and added: »And we will teach those little selfish pricks a lesson they wouldn't forget in a hurry!« It was her idea, that we should form a girlscout group: all three of us still didn't have a boyfriend we were getting some kind of frustrated by playing silly games in her basement - just letting each other have a quick peep at the nipples or to show off the new panties wasn't exciting enough anymore! Because I was the youngest and smallest in the group I had serious concerns about catching boys, they all were stronger than me and if they would catch me instead I would be in trouble - and because I was blond and petite they would surely rape me! But Sally had already agreed to the plan and I didn't want to be let out of the adventure, and finally gave in!


It was probably a good idea to get away from my naughty brother for a while: he had taken up the bad habit to trap me in the shower until I was agreeing to let him spank me - and because of my submission he was frequently sneaking into my bedroom at night lately, to touch my breasts and to grope my pussy in the pyjama pants! I was always pretending to be deep asleep, but I had been wide awake and the sweet feelings of his caresses had left me hot and horny - some nights I had wished he would come, and I had been so aroused just by thinking about our dirty little secret encounters, that I had to touch myself until the fire of lust was burning me up! But only yesterday he had been wanking himself off and left a sticky mess on my naked belly, he was growing bolder and he would surely fuck me sooner or later! Josh was getting to be a nuisance and it would be the best to leave him alone for a while, to cool down and to do his homework instead of chasing my bum - he was definitely old enough to get himself an obedient girlfriend!


Sophie was definitely a lesbian and she had been after me right from the start: whenever we were alone she was touching me and frequently she was even kissing me - her touches were soft and gentle but her kisses were hot and demanding! I didn't mind her tenderness and in a way I was grateful for her affection: I would let her have a look at my nipples in my bra and would lift my skirt to show her my panties in the basement, but when she began to undress me the old inhibitions were creeping up on me again! I had refused her twice until I was giving up and let her do what she wanted to do with me: to strip me naked - Sophie was a feisty girl with ample tits and a plump bottom, she was probably a bit bossy, but she surely knew how to seduce an innocent girl like me! She had smelled my fear of submitting to her right from the beginning and she was proud to have conquered me at last, and when she was unbuttoning my blouse she was smiling at me, she was calling me a peach and a honey pot, and she was extremely excited!


When she had taken my bra off she said Oh and Ah and was bending down to suckle on my nipples, she was torturing me in a way, which was weakening my knees and my resistance at once - my breasts were only a handful each, but my nipples were big and extremely sensitive! We had decided to wear shorts after school, to look more manly and to feel more confident, but I felt rather weak and feminine as Sophie popped the button and was pulling the zipper - to get caught by my brother in the nude was one thing, but to get undressed by a girl quite another! But we were going on a camping trip away from the world, to enjoy a bit of nudity and to get a suntan - were sleeping together in a tent, and it would be impossible to hide secrets from each other! So I didn't struggle when she was pulling my shorts down to my ankles and my panties down to my knees, that probably would only have aroused her even more - I let her admire my tight boyish bum touch it and I let her explore my hairless pussy with her finger!