Roxanne Jade Regalado

Travel Memoir: Singapore and Malaysia

This book is dedicated to my mother, my sister Cheyenne, brother-in-law Kram, nephew Dylan, niece Summer, ate Anne, Novo and to those who love to travel to different countries.

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My wish to visit Singapore and Malaysia

I was working in a call center in Cebu City in the Philippines when I got really interested in traveling to another country. I just wanted to see a different country and see what's out there. Actually, ever since I was young, I already got interested in traveling to other countries. But I never got the chance to travel to another country until I am 36 years of age. This is a surprise to some, especially if they live in a country where other countries are just close by. However if you live in the Philippines, other countries are far and the fare used to be so expensive.

When I was already working in a call center, our team leaders used to keep on traveling to other countries because of the promo fares that the airlines offer nowadays. Soon I resigned my job as a call center agent in Sykes and worked as an author and also as a call reviewer in humanatic. I told my mom who works as a government employee about the promo fares that the airlines are offering and how our team leaders in the call center was able to keep on traveling to other countries and places like Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and etc. 

So day and night, I worked hard with my job as a call reviewer. Until such time. That I was able to save enough enough money to pay for the entrance fees of the places that we will visit. We also booked tickets for Singapore Zoo online, through govoyagin because they got the most affordable deal. We got the tickets that includes the tram ride so we won't be too tired of walking to see all the animals.