The secret of natural leadership authority

The secret of natural leadership authority

How it is created - How it is blocked - How it is hindered

von: Ralf Juhre, Alexander Blair

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Verlag: Ingenior Training + Consulting GmbH
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Veröffentl.: 02.03.2016
ISBN/EAN: 9783945975312
Sprache: englisch

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Nothing has been more painful for me than watching those with leadership and Management responsibilities Labor extremely hard and yet receive hardly any true allegiance from them. Enormous amounts of efforts are poured by the leaders into creating strategies, visions, objectives and structures. Everything has been meticulously thought through, it definitely should work now! But the results just fail to materialize. The followers do not trust their leaders.

-Want to improve your leadership efficiency?
-Not sure how much leadership authority you really have?
-Want to see wholehearted followers in your organization?

This Audio book will help you to identify your actual challenges and improve your leadership authority to be more successful.
Ralf Juhre, founder and president of ingenior Group, specializing in systemic organisational development and leadership development. He is a much sought-after Trainer, Consultant, Speaker and Coach. For many years he has been working with leaders and employees in companies and non-Profit organisations.

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