The Sick Bag Song (Unabridged)

The Sick Bag Song (Unabridged)

von: Nick Cave

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Verlag: Canongate Books (Audio)
Format: MP3 (in ZIP-Archiv)
Veröffentl.: 03.03.2016
ISBN/EAN: 9781782116745
Sprache: englisch

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THE SICK BAG SONG chronicles Cave's journey with his band the Bad Seeds on a twenty-two-day, North American tour. Inspired by John Berryman's Dream Songs it is an epic exploration of inspiration, creativity, loss, love and death. The book blends poetry, lyrics, memories, musings, flights of fancy and journal entries. The SICK BAG SONG began life scribbled onto airline sick bags acquired during the internal flights taken by Cave during the tour. These are reproduced in the book alongside the text. To some degree a companion piece to his feature doc 20,000 Days on Earth, THE SICK BAG SONG further explores and develops the mystique of Nick Cave.

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