Value of Experience!

Value of Experience!

von: August Kobler-Reinfeldt

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Verlag: Melrose Books
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Veröffentl.: 17.03.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781910792674
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Born and educated in Switzerland, the career of August Kobler-Reinfeldt was truly exceptional. He has gained valuable experience in banking with the Swiss Volksbank, St. Gallen, followed by auditing with Price Waterhouse & Co., Zurich, and W.R. Grace & Co., Chile. His general management experience with American pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer in Germany, and Mead Johnson for Central Europe, qualified him to accept the responsibility as Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of the infant food and generic pharmaceutical company Milupa AG worldwide, a position he had held for 20 years until retirement. Thanks to his proven management experience, he was often called to help companies, which were facing serious problems, even after his retirement. In such missions, he could significantly contribute to achieve better results.
Particularly as Chairman of Milupa, a company he developed from a sales volume of one hundred million German marks to over one billion, but also later, when he accepted the temporary leadership of a company facing the edge of bankruptcy, August Kobler-Reinfeldt experienced many unusual and difficult situations. How he successfully mastered those with unusual solutions, is also the subject of this book.
Describing his most important management principles, he states: First, use common sense and make things easy! Second, teach and motivate people for outstanding performance! Third, never give up and fight for what you are convinced is right!
August Kobler-Reinfeldt is convinced that the description of his wide management experience will be most useful and motivating for others, particularly for people interested in business. "What did work for me, can also work for others,” he states. And the stories, how he solved most delicate problems with smart solutions will be entertaining and fascinating for all his readers.

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